Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat

“Let the rewards go to those who have worked to deserve them”

Tim Murdy Athletic Director

Tim Murdy
Director of Sport

The Shawnigan Athletic program is one of the essential areas that makes up the Shawnigan student experience. Our belief in the athletic potential of all students allows our coaches to challenge our athletes and push them to levels they may have thought unattainable. We believe that sport is about the process leading up to competition and, if this process is thoroughly completed then the outcome will be a positive one.
We believe having natural athletic ability does not guarantee success – character does.
Hard work and commitment along with teamwork are the mainstays of our program. In addition, personal accountability, respect for others, and a positive approach form the character of a true Shawnigan athlete.
In competition we learn to accept success with humility and defeat with grace; we learn individual responsibility and teamwork; we learn that respect for the other team and the rules of the game make us stronger opponents. There is nothing quite like the thrill of a closely fought competition between two equally fierce teams. And there is nothing that can replace the learning that takes place through the challenge of a competitive sport.
Finally, we believe strongly in the principle of the multi-sport experience for our students. Not only will the different experiences keep our students fresh and challenged, but there are many cross-over skills and qualities that will help them to be successful in any athletic endeavour. I feel the following quote from Mr. David Robertson, the school’s Headmaster, best sums the philosophy of Shawnigan Athletics.
“The duration of an athletic contest is only a few minutes, while the training for it may take many weeks of arduous work and the continuous exercise of self-effort. The real value of sport in not in the actual game played in the limelight of applause but in the hours of dogged determination and the self-discipline carried out alone, imposed and supervised by an exacting conscience. The applause soon dies away, the prize is left behind, but the character you build up is yours forever.”

Tim Murdy
Director of Sport, Shawnigan Lake School

Kevin Cooper Hockey Director

Kevin Cooper
Hockey Director

My role has been to create, design and lead a high level hockey program, making it one of the finest in Canada. After one year of building and development, we entered a team in the Canadian Sports School Hockey League and won our division with a perfect record. Our second season, we entered two more teams at the elite level. Now, with the addition of a female team moving up to the Prep division next season we have 5 teams competing in the CSSHL.
I am a believer in “what is past is prologue. “ My own experiences at New Hampton Prep School and Middlebury College taught me to be accountable through hard work. From this, I had the opportunity to bring a high-performance ice hockey program to Shawnigan and have it reflect our mission statement. This exciting journey, through brief, is a recent addition to the school’s one hundred year old rich history in developing our community, one member at a time, by following the pursuit of personal excellence.
We are fortunate at Shawnigan Lake School to provide our student athletes with unique exposure to high level academics, sport and fine arts. Our players work hard within their multiple roles, whether in the classroom, on the ice, or in the gym to ensure our school’s values are clearly reflected in their actions.
To have success, we all must share the vision and contribute. I want to thank teachers, house directors, transportation, kitchen and arena staff who put in many extra hours of care to ensure our program runs smoothly. I personally thank our parents and young student athletes for choosing Shawnigan.

Kevin Cooper
Hockey Director, Shawnigan Lake School